Meet Our Characters


The main guy behind the Urban Men NZ story. Before being a product reviewer at Urban Men NZ, Jon was an engineer for a number of years working in different countries. However his passion has since taken over. A great leader, brainy, analytical guy, who can also be a bit geeky at times, Jon is seen as reserved but calm and confident in himself. Unfazed by any drama, Jon's focus on piorities, cool and collected nature is another attractive trait of his personality.

Jon's style of clothes is usually simple, plain but of good design and of comfort quality. The things he carry in his briefcase bag or pockets will amaze you constantly. Classic tools, magnifying glass, pocket watches are some of things that we've seen. Jon keeps fit by going to the gym regularly (4x a week). He also has a passion for Rugby and BBQ.



Den is another amazing guy. A previous culinary chef at a restaurant in Auckland, Den left his job to explore the world on a backpack, visiting more than 20 countries in the last 18 months. On his return to Auckland Den now works as a product reviewer at UM NZ. Being a previous culinary chef who designs his own dishes, Den knows what it takes for an item to make a good presentation and has since seamlessly transitioned into a product reviewer.  

With a real competitive and target orientated nature, Den can really get things going if need be. Outgoing and full of energy Den only stops when he really needs to. Den is usually in his casual and street style clothing  and is unafraid to express himself. This can be seen in his shirts and accessories.

Den also loves football, go-karting and rock climbing