About Urban Men New Zealand

It all started with a story about Jon....

Jon has always had an eye for the finest designed goods that are available for Men. Since he was a teenager, in his free time he would go to shops after shops looking for something that he would like at an affordable budget. He would go through racks of tees and looked at tons of shoes and caps only to walk away as he does not fancy any of them. Only once in long while he will finally find an item that meets his criteria after exploring hundreds of items displayed in shops.

Jon is known to be a cool guy with all the exquisite things in his bag and always with simple and finely designed clothes. However to keep up with, this little did most people know that Jon has spent hours exploring malls and online stores.

Ever spent hours looking for a Men's treat for yourself or someone? We all have spent frustrating hours shopping or looking online only to come to nothing. Here at Urban Men NZ, we bring to you designs from New Zealand and even though we are situated down south in a remote part of the world, we are a well travelled group that understand the need for good lasting designs.
This is the reason why we have Jon and also Den to go through our products. To carefully go through each and every item that we design and every product that we want to bring to you. 
We apply the philosophy of only bringing you the best items that each and everyone in the team will buy for themselves or their loved ones. We do not hold a wide variety of items because nothing much seem to get past our 4 in the panel. 
We aim to provide a wide range of items to suit different Men's needs, with unique and original designs for our tees, shoes and caps. At the same time because we are fun-loving, humour is added into some of our designs. 
Some of our stylish and cool Tees, caps and shoes can be a great conversational starter or just something that keeps you in comfort.
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