Coffee Guide 101

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Ever wondered what are the exact differences between the different coffee types listed on a cafe's menu?  Has anyone explained to you the differences? 

If you look around the globe, coffee is enjoyed around the world today and is that one beverage which is the most consumed around the world, after water.

There are probably a number of way to enjoy coffee, but in this post we will explain the differences between the most common types of coffee found in most menus. 

1) Latte

The latte is actually an espresso drink topped with steamed milk and about a centimetre of foam. If you chose not to have the foam you actually have a flat white, and if you prefer more foam you  are actually creating a cappuccino.

So the next time when your cafe serves your table with a flat white and a Latte, be sure to look for the one with the foam.  

2) Cappuccino

Commonly served as a breakfast drink and one of the most popular type of coffee in the world. A cappuccino consists of three layers, one third coffee, one third hot milk, and one third frothed milk. Often a cappuccino is topped with cocoa, nutmeg or cinnamon powder.

Tip: Use a teaspoon to scoop out the remaining frothed milk after you finished your espresso.

3) Flat White

A flat white is made with steamed milk from the bottom of the jug poured over a shot of espresso. The key difference lies with the milk which is usually not so foamy, but rather creamy.  There is no foamy mixture as with a cappuccino, but the foam sets it apart from the more traditional latte.

4) Long Black

A long black is made up of only 2 elements, water and espresso, just like an Americano. Often thought to be the same as an Americano but it is actually not. First hot water is poured into a cup, and then two shots of espresso are subsequently poured in. This results in a slightly creamy foam top and this process is the opposite of how an Americano is made. 

5) Americano

As mentioned above, an Americano is made by simply by adding hot water to a shot of espresso coffee. 


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